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    • We will just have to wait and see what the property values come out as. From the sounds of it, most people should have relatively low rates to pay, but the flipside as you indicated will be the pensioners. Many live in old homes that now command much higher values than they once did due to their area more than the structure itself. Now I am not in favor of any property tax; in my view it's a tax on something that has already been bought and paid for. It's common practice around the world yes, but that doesn't make it right. If we do have to pay property tax however, it should be paid to the local government body and used to improve the local area, not sent off to the central government's coffers where it can end up anywhere. Secondly, maybe calculating based on the rental value should not be the way to go. I don't know what an alternative would be, but there's got to be something fairer that can be used.
    • Today the Minister of Finance announced that Property Tax will soon become a reality. He explained how the computation will be done and advised that we will be notified shortly on the assessment of our homes. What he is not saying is the trigger effect this will have on low income earners, most of whom are renting, the middle income group that will be hardest hit, Pensioners whose only source of income is NIS and the Government grant will be hard pressed to meet their commitments. Business owners will raise their prices and with the rising costs of living we are in for tough times. What he is not saying is that this will now set the way for WASA to increase their rates as the basis for computation is based on the annual rateable value.  
    • Seems as though your views are consistent with many including leading legal luminaries.
    • Dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Trial by a jury of one's peers is a fundamental tenet of democracy, and we are already in many ways too much of an elected dictatorship. Not to mention that as corrupted as we are, the powers that be will have too much power to determine guilt or innocence at their own convenience.
    • I feel inclined to support the view of the Attorney General that the time has come to abolish Trial by Jury. The inconveniences that this current system puts on citizens must be stopped. Check and see how often those selected for Jury Duty has to appear in court and then asked to return. Then there are risks as sometimes jurors feel threatened by the criminal elements involved. Some of the reasons offered by the AG does have some merit and the Opposition should back down and support this bill. I am sure many UNC supporters will welcome this move.  
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