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Recently heard...from years ago

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Do you know that feeling when a song starts on the radio, and you haven't heard it for ages, but it was all the rage back in the day? Maybe it's just me but a lot of today's music though catchy is kind of shallow. Not to mention synthetic tones...a mere product...and quickly twisted into a dance remix.

This isn't meant to duplicate musicExecutive's thread...this is specifically for those songs from years gone by that cropped up again.

Yesterday 95.1 played "Shimmer" by Fuel. Such an awesome song.

Then today they played "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)" by The Greg Kihn Band. It's from before my time but I quite like it.

Yeah that sounds about right - they don't write 'em like that anymore!

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Yes today's music is very shallow and lacking in harmony and rhythm.

The music industry objectives are to market

anything that will sell quickly and gives

no consideration to the effect it has on the listeners.

Same could be said about television shows these days,

we need to be wary of the influence the media has on us.


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By the way I love those songs from that era!

I sometimes get a flashback when I hear

certain tunes I have not heard in a while.

Anyone remember the American's Top Ten with Casey Kasem!

I remember as a child (I was about six or seven) waiting patiently every Saturday morning to watch

these music videos, I guess that's where my love for adult contemporary music and soft rock

must have started.






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