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Database Management Systems

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Combine your strengths with your passions and remember that experience is the best teacher.

In the real world, small web developers and app developers are the one-stop resource for the entire solution; they have to deal with both the web side and the database side. If you plan on going down the road of large organizations then there are job functions that deal specifically with databases and specifically with web technologies.

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I had finally completed my Bachelor's Degree in Information Systems Management last year,

and I should be graduating November this year.

I work in the Clerical/Administrative Field.

Therefore, as much as I hate to admit it, unfortunately I have forgotten

every thing I did in the courses I pursued.

What I do remember is having a great time with classmates

and socialising.

The degree will help me climb the ladder of promotion

in the years to come however,

So even though I work in Human Resource and not IT

it should be useful still, the degree that is.

I'm currently pursuing an online course

in Business Writing.

I will be awarded a Certificate after I complete this course.

So lets see how this goes.



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Congratulations.Really happy for you.I think the Business Writing Course is a step in the right direction.

By the way please take all the necessary precautions with the now named Tropical Storm Bret that should start affecting us soon. Stay indoors is my advice.

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